Show timings: 10am - 6pm
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At the heart of the Indian Broadcast & Film industry lies a show that keeps the pulse racing.

Twenty-five years seems like a long time. But when you are single-mindedly focused on technology and its infinite manifestations to the exclusion of everything else, time ceases to matter. In the light of this passion, it does not seem surprising that The Broadcast India Show has surpassed all expectations with every new chapter over the last two and a half decades. It has not just brought together the latest and the best in broadcast technology across media categories; it has shown glimpses of the future to come at a time when everyone was still getting used to the imaginable present.

In its 25th and most defining year yet, you can once again expect to be stupefied by the tools and possibilities that await us in broadcast and entertainment. When the lights come on and the gods of broadcast, film, audio, radio gather, you will be treated to a whole new paradigm of technological incredibility that form the very core of the new-age infotainment industry, from its content creation to its management and delivery. As the heart of the Indian Broadcast & Film industry, the Broadcast India Show 2015 will provide companies and corporates, veterans and professionals, suppliers and customers, visionaries, stalwarts and other stakeholders from the industry a gateway into the future by exploring and optimizing opportunities, facilitating trade links and enabling info-exchange on a global level.

You are welcome to be a part of this explosive dynamism as in interested visitor or you can be one of those who creates the future. Last year, this challenge was taken up by around 20,000 global visitors and 550 participants from more than 35 countries. Now it’s your turn and it all depends on how up-close and personal you want to get to the heart of film and broadcast technology in the sub-continent. We are waiting.

organised bySAICOM
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